Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Clinique Even Better Foundation Review


Sorry for the delay in getting out this review as I have been a very busy bee. There has been loads going on at work and I have ended up changing jobs and I'm also going to me moving house.Crazy times but anyway, on to the review

I just want to say this first... I love this foundation!

I tried this out as I had seen Tanya Burr apply it on one of her tutorials and I just loved the way it looked on her. Now I don't have skin anything as beautiful as hers so I was a bit unsure of how it work on me. Instead of just rushing out and buying the full product I decided to buy a few sample sachets from eBay. I got 5 for 3.40 with postage - bargain! I emptied them into a little container and they lasted me over two weeks! This was plenty time to test it out, see how it sat on my skin, how long it lasted and if the colour worked for me. I would totally recommend doing this for testing foundations. I find it hard to go and ask the counter ladies for freebies sometimes

The photo in the left is me without any makeup (again yuk) and on the right with just the foundation applied.
The foundation itself is a quite thick and creamy and applied on the skin gave amazing coverage without feeling heavy at all. It really evens out my skin tone and covers my hyper pigmentation. id say its medium to full and leaves a slight dewy finish. I usually shy away for a dewy foundation but this actually worked very nicely on me. It says its suitable for dry combination or oily combination skin but I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work any skin type.

 The colour I have is 03 ivory and the is perfect for me just now whilst I have a bit of summer sun. I love the way it wears on the skin, usually by the end of the day I start to look pretty messy and patchy but with this stuff, thought wearing away, still look good! I do get a bit shiny as the day goes on and have to powder my skin once late afternoon - usually id have to do this umpteen times during the day.

Me after applying the rest of my makeup

I really cant find any problems with this foundation at all - it doesn't even break me out at all. (I told you it was love!) I have just picked up the full size bottle for £23 at boots - a fair price for a high end product. I think this is going to be a staple in my makeup kit!

Have any of you tried this foundation or any of the others from Clinique?

I have plenty more foundations to test and I will next be testing Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation. Its going to be hard to put my Clinique one down though!

A little love
Emma xo