Wednesday, 10 October 2012

All used up....


Just a wee update before I get started - its actually has a lot to do with doing an empties post. I'm moving house and so I have started the daunting task of packing up all my belongings. I always see a move as a chance to have a good clear out and I had so many empties products hoarded to blog about and so I thought I should get on with it so I could chuck them out.

First up is the ELF nail varnish in desert haze.

I LOVE this nail varnish and it is the fist ever polish that I have used up and re- purchased. This one has gone all goopy and so I got another while elf had discount offer running and I'm so happy to have it again. This is a perfect everyday which goes with anything. Elf polishes can be so hit an miss, some have terrible pigmentation and staying power while others are totally fab - this one included. Two coats and its perfect and with a top coat on it lasts for days. Not bad for £1.50!

Next is the Body Shop body butter in strawberry

I really like the Body Shop body butters and I have another 4 of them in my room at them moment that I'm working my way through. The scents are amazing and they make my skin so lovely and soft! I usually give myself a good scrub in the shower and then slather this stuff on and it make me feel fab! The Body Shop always have offers on so you can get these quite cheap but they retail for £12.50

This is a sample of Elizabeth Arden's new skin balancing lotion for combinations skin.

I got this in a Glossy box and decided to give it a try. I'm usually nervous about trying new face products as my skin usually doesn't appreciate any changes in my routine and punishes me with a lovely break out. not this baby! I loved it so much I even bought the full sized bottle - at a whopping 32 bucks! This is a lovely light cream that give my combo skin all the moisture it needs without overloading it and making it more oily. For me it was worth splashing out for.

I also got this next product in a Glossy box and it is the Balance me wonder eye cream.

I'm kind of on the fence with this stuff. I liked it, but it didn't do anything particularly wonderful for my eyes. I have anther sample of it so ill work my way through that and see how I feel but I don't think it will be re-purchased. I think I'm looking for something more that just a touch of moisture for my eyes these days. This is made from 99% natural ingredients and if that floats your boat, it may be a good one to try.

Last up is the Fake Bake airbrush tanning spray.

If you are very fair and looking for a light luxury tan to try then this would be the one for you. You can pick this up from a variety of places for as little as 20 pounds. I was using this for my face and upper body in the winter (shows how long this bottle has been hanging in my room for) to give myself a subtle glow. The spray is tinted so it helps you see where you have applied it and the colour is of a greenish tome so it develops to a light golden olive tone - no orange! Once it dries you can go over it to get a deeper colour. Its really easy to use and very natural and so I would get this again. My boyfriend even said he like it when I use it and preferred it to my other fake tans.

well I better get back to my packing...

A little love
Emma xo