Friday, 13 July 2012

Girl crushing

Girl crushing sounds a bit Hulk-ish but I'm actually referring to my appreciation of other females. Like so many of us, I have a crush and Shenae Grimes is my ultimate!

Image courtesy of Google Images

I love her casual style and take a lot of inspiration from her looks when I style myself. I'm only 5 foot 3 and as she is also teeny tiny, I find a lot of things that she wears I can pull off too. I love Milly mackintosh from made in Chelsea and her style is impeccable but I could never pull off half the stuff she wears. I reckon I would only just come up to the top of those long amazing pins of hers.

Back to Shenae....

I also love her hair... in fact... I want I want!! I love a lose relaxed looking wave and shes always rocking that. She always has a gorgeous colour to her hair too.

Image courtesy of Google images

She now has her very own fashion blog which she features OOTD's wish lists and more which you can check out here:
Now I can take my girl crushing to another level! (not Hulk smash)

So what Girl Crushes do you have?

A little Love
Emma xo