Monday, 9 July 2012

My le guide sante experience and review
I hope you all enjoyed my skincare regime post and hopefully you found it useful. I did mention a couple of tims that I had recently placed an order for a few bits with le guide sante. As I was just finishing the post the buzzer went and there was my order! I thought I would share my experience with you as I have never heard much about it anywhere. I don't even remember how I managed to stumble across it myself actually! anyway....
So le gude sante is kinda like a french pharmacy online. You can find products like Bioderma, Vichy, Caudalie, Nuxe , Le Roche posay and many more. If you are a fan of french skincare this would be the place for you! The prices are much cheaper than I have seen anywhere else and they also sell herbal and organic produce, massage oils, and even things for pets - if that's your thang!

I picked up two bottles of the Bioderma crealine water for £14:06 and a mini 100ml bottle for travelling for £3.12. I paid £15.95 for just one 500ml bottle one eBay so I'm getting twice as much for that here. Ive seen the 100ml bottles for as much as £8. I decided to go for a 100ml bottle of the Caudalie beauty elixir for £22.12 which I can never find cheaper that £29 pounds anywhere else. There were so many products I wanted and I piled in my basket high at first, but thought I should go canny for my fist order.
I went for the basic shipping option which cost £6.81 and this got my parcel to me in 4 days. Amazing! I was able to track my parcel and I don't know about you but I really love to be able to do this. My items arrived neatly packed and I even received a free sample of nuxe body oil! a wee brucy bonus there! they also do a points system where you collect points with every order and can use them to get free products. I have 20 which will only get me plasters at the mo... I think ill save for something more exciting.
Ill defiantly be back on the website again as they really were amazing! With such a wide variety of products, fab prices, top service and super fast delivery... what more could a beauty junkie want!
Check it out here -
A little love


  1. Note to self, buy Bioderma! I'm your newest follower hun, great blog :) x

    Lea x

    1. yeah its great stuff! thanks for following :) xo

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  3. Great blog , i´m following you.
    follow me too kiss

  4. My dad is bringing me back some Bioderma from a trip to France and I am so excited now, it sounds great! I love the packaging too :) x

    1. Yeah my mums away to France next month so she might be getting a wee list of things to bring back for me :)xo

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  6. Lovely brand.

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