Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Foundation Reviews - Garnier BB cream for oily/combo skin


So I have been testing out this BB cream for the last week and am ready to report my findings. I have been nervous all week about this post as my skin is not in tip top condition at the moment and I'm not at my most photogenic. At least this way you will get a good idea on its coverage!

So BB creams have been doing the rounds haven't they? I had my first dealings with a BB cream a couple of years back with the skin 79 gold version and I wasn't all that impressed (despite the hype) I just felt it didn't do anything at all really.

I have been on the look for one with a bit more coverage and that would work for my skin type and after testing soooo many I discovered the new garnier BB cream oily/combo.
I tried the tester out in the shop and once I blended this into my wrist I just loved the effect it gave my skin - so in my basket it went.

Here is me before its applied (I know yikes!) and you can see I'm dealing with an angry red breakout on my chin. I look a bit ghostly in the photos but in real life there is a bit more colour to me I swear.

I have it in medium as I'm a bit of a fake tan fanatic and it gives me a lovely sun kissed warm colour to my face. The coverage is light - medium and it dries to a matt finish. The consistency is very runny so I find the best way to apply it is with my fingers. It evens out my skin tone but does not hide my blemishes and acne scars so I go back over with my trusty Vichy concealer to hide these.

Here is it just applied without any other makeup

As you can see at lot more even but there is still a bit of redness (smile Emma!).

I really like the way this product wears on my skin throughout the day. I find that it doesn't go patchy and it manages to keep oil at bay. Usually I would be powdering 4 hours after I had applied my makeup but I can easily going about 8 hours before I get a bit of shine. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin and looks very natural - great for daytime use. Below is me after adding the rest of my makeup.

One thing that I don't like is that It stinks of alcohol which I thought was odd? Alcohol is well known for drying out and being generally not to great for your skin. I know that us oily girls need a bit of that but I don't like the thought of rubbing alcohol on my face to do this. Saying that, I haven't had any irritation with it.

Conclusion? alcohol aside, I do really like this BB cream and and love how it feels and looks on my skin. I'm looking forward to wearing it when my skin is in better condition and I'm not needing a fuller coverage. If like me, you have been searching for a BB to fall in love with and that's suitable for your oily skin then I would give this a whirl. Its costs between £7.99 and £9.99 which is not a bad price at all.

Hope that's been help full and the pictures didn't scare you too much. I have just got a few samples of the Clinique even better foundation so ill be testing that out this week. Stay tuned for a review on that...

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  1. As far as BB creams go, this one looks like it would suit my needs the best.. Thanks for the great review :)

    Lea x

  2. I love garnier products but never tried the bb cream. Great review:)

  3. lovely review! wanted to try this for a while but wasn't sure, so this has really helped :)
    just followed you too! xx

    1. Thanks very much! glad it's helped

      following back now :)


  4. This looks great, I find most BB creams are a bit too moisturizing for my oily skin but might have to give this one a go. Great blog btw, now following you : )